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The Aphrodite Skin (formerly called Opensource User Interface) first
got started after Mozilla released its new user interface and
developers responded with their opinions to the different Mozilla
newsgroups. One developer, Jeff Campbell, took the ideas that were
being talked about and created a mockup of what he thought would be a
better skin. At that point, Pete Collins took the mockup and built it
into a working skin for Mozilla.

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The Sullivan Skin is named after Louis H. Sullivan, an architect in the late
1800s who popularized the concept of "form follows function", this design
attempts to strike a balance between the functionality of the Default 
Aphrodite Skin and the experimental nature of the FruityGum Skin.
This skin is built using some of the same user interface conventions as
Internet Explorer 5.0 for the Macintosh. The roundness of the buttons, the
subtle grayscale theme, and the Mac OS native widgets (scroll bars,
progress meter, etc.) all help the Sullivan skin transition nicely to the
Mac OS. 

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There is no browser (that we know of) that restores the state of all your
browser windows before the crash. However, the open source Mozilla Web
browser makes it easy for third-party developers such as Collabnet to
create new functionality, so we decided to add it.

Total Recall works by tracking your browsing session in a file saved on
your local hard drive. When you restart Mozilla after a browser crash (or
even an operating system crash), the windows that were open before the
crash will be displayed to you in a pulldown menu that will allow you to
return to one or all of the pages you were viewing.

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