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Update install instructions

To run this skin, you will need the latest nightly build of Mozilla,
 running on your computer. The latest version of Mozilla can be downloaded
 Note: Sullivan and Total Recall are now both part of the Aphrodite
 package. Install Aphrodite and get to the Grape version of Sullivan 
 through the View/Apply Themes pulldown menu and access Total Recall through
 the Tools pulldown menu.
 Install the Aphrodite package by running the installer application at  After installing:

  After you install Aphrodite, quit Mozilla and restart it. Go to the Tools
  menu and click Finish Aphrodite Install. You need only do this once.
  Close and restart Mozilla again.

 On All Platforms Aphrodite may be launched from Mozilla's Tools menu.
 On Windows, it's also possible to launch the skin from an icon on your
    * Right click on the Mozilla or Netscape 6 icon and select Properties.
    * In the Target area of the Properties box, add the following at the 
      end of the line:
       -chrome chrome://aphrodite/content/ 
    * It should now look similar to the screenshot at
      (Thanks to Matthew Haughey for sending this.)
    * Click on change icon to use the Aphrodite icon in
      (Thanks to John Dobbins for sending the Icon.)

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