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      <li class="menuText"><a href="news/news.html#July012004">July 3, 2004 &gt;&gt;New Roadmap</a></li>	
      <li class="menuText"><a href="news/news.html#July012004">July 1, 2004 &gt;&gt;Uploaded 
        the hostperm.1 file !</a><a href="source.html"> Get it in the CVS</a></li>
      <li class="menuText"><a href="./news/news.html#June292004" class="menuText">June 29, 2004 
        &gt;&gt; Planning for the week.</a></li>
      <li class="menuText"><a href="news/news.html#27June2004">June 27, 2004 >> Project Page Creation 
        Starts !</a></li>		

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      <li class="menuText"><a href="">Jonathan Racicot</a></li>

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<p class="normalText"><br/>
  Description: </p>
<p class="normalText">This project is being created to free users from the numerous 
  cookies installed by hundreds of marketing compagnies on your computer, which 
  collects numerous informations about you. Most of the time, these informations 
  are taken without your consent and these informations can be distributed to 
  other parties for marketing uses. While you may want some of them, a lot of 
  these cookies has no reasons to be on your computer. <b>This project will do the 
  inverse, i.e gather information about those who wants YOUR information.</b> It will 
  offer users to block cookies of these marketing firms which the Anti-Marketing 
  project will gather. It will eventually automate the process of blocking cookies 
  with the Mozilla Firefox browser cookie blocking utility.</p>
<p class="normalText">Motivation:</p>
<p class="normalText"> There are many marketing sites on the web. Entering them 
  one-by-one would be a harsh task. This project hasn't begun yet and the project 
  has gather a list of 1363 ad sites. Users can't be expected to know everything 
  about these servers and how they use the information collected. Moreover, there's 
  no reason why a US marketing firm would use a cookie for a German resident for 
<p class="normalText">Another reason for a project like this is spam. Fighting 
  spam isn't just about creating a new and better filter each month, it's also 
  about limiting how spammers get information. Although collecting emails by cookies 
  is not that common, it's still one way.</p>
<p class="normalText">Last motivation for this project is a personal one. As many 
  computer geeks, I just want to learn new things, and starting a projet like 
  this is the perfect way :).</p>

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