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Fri Jan 11 09:13:17 2002 UTC (18 years, 1 month ago) by matthew
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Add framework for list of tests


<p>This page will list the tests which need to be done before the release of
Annozilla. (Like any software engineer, I write the tests last.)</p>

<p>Here's a rough framework:</p>

<h3>1. Mozilla Integration</h3>
<h4>1.1 Successful installation</h4>
<h4>1.2 Sidebar appearance</h4>
<h4>1.3 Preferences panel</h4>
<h4>1.4 Preference tracking</h4>

<h3>2. Viewing annotations</h3>
<h4>2.1 Displaying a list of annotations</h4>
<h4>2.2 'Filter by language' functionality</h4>
<h4>2.3 'Auto-load' mode</h4>
<h4>2.4 Viewing annotation bodies</h4>

<h3>3. Creating/Editing annotations</h3>
<h4>3.1 Posting annotation test</h4>
<h4 style="font-style: italic">3.2 Change annotation type [future]</h4>
<h4 style="font-style: italic">3.3 Edit annotation text [future[</h4>
<h4 style="font-style: italic">3.4 Delete annotation [future]</h4>

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