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 <h3>1. Mozilla Integration</h3>  <h3>1. Mozilla Integration</h3>
 <h4>1.1 Successful installation</h4>  <h4>1.1 Successful installation</h4>
   <li>From a clean Mozilla installation, Annozilla can be installed by following
   the installation instructions
   <li>From a new Mozilla user profile, Annozilla can be installed by following
   the installation instructions
 <h4>1.2 Sidebar appearance</h4>  <h4>1.2 Sidebar appearance</h4>
   <li>The Annozilla Sidebar appears correctly on the list of available Sidebars
 <h4>1.3 Preferences panel</h4>  <h4>1.3 Preferences panel</h4>
   <li>The Annozilla preferences panel(s) integrate(s) correctly with the rest of the
   <li>it (they) appears in the left pane as part of the tree
   <li>the appearance of the panel(s) is consistent visually with other Mozilla
   preference panels
   <li>The Password field does not display the password as readable text
   <li>All preference values can be changed, and changes are preserved:
   <li>when moving between preferences panels
   <li>when closing and re-opening the preferences window
   <li>when shutting down and restarting Mozilla
 <h4>1.4 Preference tracking</h4>  <h4>1.4 Preference tracking</h4>
 <h3>2. Viewing annotations</h3>  <h3>2. Viewing annotations</h3>
Line 19  Annozilla. (Like any software engineer,  Line 44  Annozilla. (Like any software engineer, 
 <h3>3. Creating/Editing annotations</h3>  <h3>3. Creating/Editing annotations</h3>
 <h4>3.1 Posting annotation test</h4>  <h4>3.1 Posting annotation test</h4>
<h4 style="font-style: italic">3.2 Change annotation type [future]</h4><h4>3.2 Change annotation type</h4>
<h4 style="font-style: italic">3.3 Edit annotation text [future[</h4><h4>3.3 Edit annotation text</h4>
<h4 style="font-style: italic">3.4 Delete annotation [future]</h4><h4>3.4 Delete annotation</h4>
<h3>4. Error conditions</h3>
 <h4>4.1 No internet connection</h4>
 <h4>4.2 Password is wrong</h4>
 <li>When the user's password is wrong, a suitable error text is provided
 <h4>4.2 Deleting annotation with replies</h4>

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