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<h3>Setting up the Sidebar panel</h3>

<div class="firefox">
<p>If you are installing Annozilla for use only with Mozilla Firefox, you can <a
href="server-preferences.html">skip these steps and proceed to the next

<div class="mozilla">
<p>If you are installing Annozilla for use with Mozilla, you will need to make
sure you have a sidebar for Annozilla installed. (If you have multiple Mozilla
profiles, you will need to do this for each profile.)</p>

<p>If this is the first time you have installed Annozilla, or if you are
upgrading from a 0.3 version to a 0.4 version, then you will need to activate
the new sidebar. To do so,</p>
    <li>Ensure your sidebar is visible.  If you cannot see the sidebar, you can
    make it visible by going to the View --&gt; Show / Hide menu and choosing
    the option 'Sidebar'
    <li>Then go to the Annozilla preferences (Edit / Preferences / Annozilla /
    Viewing Options) and select "Install Annozilla Sidebar".<br>
    <img src="images/install-mozilla-sidebar.png" alt="View Annotations in Sidebar: If you wish to view annotations with the Annozilla SIdebar, click 'Install' to add it to your Sidebar..." width=562 height=469 vspace=5><br>
    This will add Annozilla to your sidebar panel: you should end up with a sidebar looking something like the image below.<br>
    <img src="sidebar-ok.png" width=317 height=600 alt="Annozilla... Annotations... Annotation List... No annotations loaded" vspace=5>
    <li><a href="server-preferences.html">Continue installation...</a>

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