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 <a href="browser-restart.html">restarting the browser</a> |  <a href="browser-restart.html">restarting the browser</a> |
 <a href="sidebar.html">setting up the sidebar</a> |  <a href="sidebar.html">setting up the sidebar</a> |
 <a href="preferences.html">setting your preferences</a></p>  <a href="preferences.html">setting your preferences</a></p>
   <img src="sidebar-ok.png" width=317 height=600 alt="Annozilla... Annotations... Annotation List... No annotations loaded" align=right>
 <h2>Installation</h2>  <h2>Installation</h2>
 <h3>Setting up the Sidebar panel</h3>  <h3>Setting up the Sidebar panel</h3>
Line 20  need to upgrade the sidebar panel.</p> Line 21  need to upgrade the sidebar panel.</p>
 <pre>chrome://annozilla/content/addpanel.xul</pre>  <pre>chrome://annozilla/content/addpanel.xul</pre>
 This will add Annozilla to your sidebar panel.</p>  This will add Annozilla to your sidebar panel.</p>
   <p>You should end up with a sidebar looking something like the image on this page.</p>
 <p><a href="preferences.html">Continue installation...</a></p>  <p><a href="preferences.html">Continue installation...</a></p>

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