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<h3>Setting your preferences: Server preferences</h3>
<p>In the preferences window, you will find four different sections of
preferences for Annozilla. You can find the preferences window in the following location:

<div class="mozilla">
    For Mozilla suite users, under Edit -&gt; Preferences
<div class="firefox">
    For Firefox users, under Tools -&gt; Extensions -&gt; Annozilla -&gt; Options

<img src="firebird_options_panel.png" width="565" height="469" alt="Firefox preferences panel" hspace=5 vspace=5>
<p class=caption>Screenshot of the Firefox options panel for Annozilla. (Yes, I know the icons are lame.)</p>

<p>Annozilla works by communicating with an <b>annotation server</b>. In order
to use it, you will need to set yourself up an account on such a server. For
example, if you want to try the W3C test server, you can apply for an account
at <a href=""></a>.</p>
<p>Whichever server you use should provide you with the URL used to access the
server, together with your username and password. These are set by selecting "New" on this screen.</p>
<img src="firefox_new_server.png" width=327 height=172 alt="New Remote Annotations Server" hspace=5 vspace=5>

<p>An alternative is to use a "Local Server". In this case, the annotations
are stored on your local machine. They are not shared with any other users.
To use this option, select "Add Local Server", and set "urn:localserver" as the
Default Post Server.</p>

<p><a href="general-preferences.html">Continue installation...</a></p>

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