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Revamped installation instructions: language preferences

<p><a href="index.html">installing the package</a> |
<a href="browser-restart.html">restarting the browser</a> |
<a href="sidebar.html">setting up the sidebar</a> |
<a href="preferences.html">setting your preferences</a></p>
<h3>Setting your preferences 3: Language preferences</h3>
<img src="/screenshots/second/language_prefs.png" width=559 height=186 alt="Language Preferences window" hspace=5 vspace=5>
<p>This screen specifies how you want Annozilla to behave with regard to languages.</p>
<p>Your <b>preferred language</b> will be used when you choose to create an
annotation. You will have the option to change this to another language before
you post the annotation.</p>
<p>By default, your choice of language has no other effect. But you can also choose:</p>
    <dt>Show only annotations in this preferred language</dt>
    <dd>With this selected, when annotations are loaded, if they specify a
    language other than your preferred language, they will not be shown to
    <dt>... and include annotations with no language information</dt>
    <dd>Many annotations will not have any information about their language included with them. Choose this to show such annotations (recommended).</dd>

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