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<h3>Setting your preferences: General preferences</h3>
<p>This preference panel affects certain details of how Annozilla runs.</p>

    <dt><b>Insert icons in the document window</b></dt>
    <dd>When this is set, Annozilla will insert an icon (such as <img src="/annot.png" alt="Annotation icon">) in the document near the annotated section.</dd>

<img src="images/firefox-general-options.png" width=449 height=462 alt="General Preferences window" hspace=5 vspace=5>

    <dt><b>Automatically load annotations</b></dt>
    <dd>The default behaviour is that annotations are never loaded
    automatically; that is, they are only loaded when you select "Load
    Annotations". Alternatively you can select always to load them; or only to
    load them for specific sites (for example, "http://localhost" will only
    auto-load annotations for documents on your own webserver).</dd>

<p><a href="language-preferences.html">Continue installation...</a></p>

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