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<h3>Browser restart</h3>
<p>Once all packages have been installed, restart your browser.</p>

<p>If this is the first time you've installed the packages, you'll
see a page offering quick setup of the configuration needed by Annozilla.
If you don't want to do to this, or if you need to change your settings later,
please see the <a href="server-preferences.html">instructions</a> for this.</p>

<img src="images/restarted.png" alt="Quick setup of configuration now" width=689 height=322>

<p>If you choose to set up your configuration now, the following wizard will be launched:</p>
<img src="images/wizard-intro.png" alt="Welcome to the Annozilla Setup Wizard" width=497 height=396>

<p>Select Next.</p>

<img src="images/wizard-server.png" alt="Choose where your annotations are saved" width=497 height=396>

<p>On this screen you have to choose where your annotations will be saved:
either on your machine (this is the quickest way to get started), or, if you
have an account on a server, you can specify its URL.</p>
<p>Note: if you choose "Local Server", annotations will be automatically loaded as you browser. If you choose "Remote Server", this is disabled to protect your privacy.</p>

<img src="images/wizard-name.png" alt="Please enter your name" width=497 height=396>

<p>On the final page, enter the name which will be stored in the annotations which you save. Then select Finish to complete setup.</p>

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