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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] index.html[GRAPH] 1.38 13 years matthew xpointerlib 0.2.4, FF2 compatibility annozilla 0.6.7, increase install.rdf maxVe...
[TXT] server-preferences.html[GRAPH] 1.14 13 years matthew Style update
[BIN] firefox-installation.png[GRAPH] 1.1 14 years matthew Screenshot of Firefox at start of installation
[TXT] general-preferences.html[GRAPH] 1.6 14 years matthew Remove references to obsolete XBL preference; link to updated Firefox screenshot...
[TXT] sidebar.html[GRAPH] 1.15 15 years matthew Tidy up format again
[TXT] head.txt[GRAPH] 1.3 15 years matthew Add character encoding
[TXT] installation.css[GRAPH] 1.6 15 years matthew Add min-height to Mozilla/Firefox blocks
[TXT] browser-restart.html[GRAPH] 1.9 15 years matthew Remove 'chmod' instructions
[TXT] language-preferences.html[GRAPH] 1.6 16 years matthew Fix screenshot link
[BIN] firefox_new_server.png[GRAPH] 1.1 16 years matthew Screenshot of adding new server (under Firefox)
[BIN] firebird_options_panel.png[GRAPH] 1.1 16 years matthew Firefox options panel
[TXT] viewing-preferences.html[GRAPH] 1.2 16 years matthew Firebird -> Firefox
[BIN] firebird_viewing_options.png[GRAPH] 1.1 16 years matthew Firebird 'Viewing Options' prefs panel
[TXT] installation-links.txt[GRAPH] 1.4 16 years matthew Add link for 'Viewing Prefs' page
[BIN] about_annozilla.png[GRAPH] 1.1 16 years matthew 'About Annozilla' screenshot
[BIN] installation_method.png[GRAPH] 1.1 16 years matthew Screenshot for installation options
[BIN] software_installation.png[GRAPH] 1.2 16 years matthew Updated screenshot
[BIN] sidebar-ok.png[GRAPH] 1.1 17 years matthew Screenshot of successfully added sidebar image

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