Annozilla 0.5.3 available

A bug-fix release for yesterday's 0.5.2 release. Firefox users should be able to use the automatic upgrade mechanism to install it.

This is the the Annozilla project, designed to view and create annotations associated with a web page, as defined by the W3C Annotea project. The idea is to store annotations as RDF on a server, using XPointer (or at least XPointer-like constructs) to identify the region of the document being annotated.

The intention of Annozilla is to use Mozilla's native facilities to manipulate annotation data - its built-in RDF handling to parse the annotations, and nsIXmlHttpRequest to submit data when creating annotations.

To use Annozilla, you will need to install the packages, get set up with a user account with an annotation server (e.g., the W3C test server), and then you should be ready to go.

What's New
  • March 20 2005 - Annozilla 0.5.3 released - fixes an important bug in 0.5.2
  • March 19 2005 - Annozilla 0.5.2 released - installs on Firefox 1.0

Project owner:
Matthew Wilson

Doug Daniels
Jeffrey Phillips

Annotation icons
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Thanks to:
Mike Lee (mozblog)

Please use the bug reporting mechanism or the mailing list to discuss Annozilla.