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 <td valign="top" width="100%">  <td valign="top" width="100%">
 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
<p>The <b>Annozilla</b> project content goes here.<div id="announcements">
<p><b>Note:</b> If you want to add an area for user feedback to any of your pages, take a look at the <a href="annotation.html">annotation.html</a>    <h3 id="announcement20051214"><a href="installation/">Annotations 0.3.2 released</a></h3>
template.    <p>This is a minor bug-fix release for character encoding issues and error reporting.</p>
     <h3 id="announcement20051211"><a href="installation/">Annozilla 0.6.1 + Annotations 0.3.0 released</a></h3>
     <p>These releases fix a number of problems:</p>
         <li>Improved support for annotations with non-ASCII characters
         <li>Firefox 1.5 compatibility
         <li>On Firefox, changes the 'sidebar' keyboard shortcut from Ctrl-Z to Alt-Z
         <li>Improved the behaviour of the local annotations server.
     <p>Firefox users can use the automatic update facility to get these new versions.</p>
     <p>Updating of annotation bodies is still not working.
 <p id="intro">This is the the <b>Annozilla</b> project, designed to view and
 create annotations associated with a web page, as defined by the <a
 href="http://www.w3.org/2001/Annotea/">W3C Annotea project</a>. The idea is to
 store annotations as RDF on a server, using XPointer (or at least XPointer-like
 constructs) to identify the region of the document being annotated.</p>
 <p>The intention of Annozilla is to use Mozilla's native facilities to
 manipulate annotation data - its built-in RDF handling to parse the
 annotations, and nsIXmlHttpRequest to submit data when creating
 <p>To use Annozilla, you will need to <a href="installation/">install the
 packages</a>, get set up with a user account with an annotation server <a
 href="http://annotest.w3.org/access">(e.g., the W3C test server)</a>, and then
 you should be ready to go.</p>
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Line 15  template. Line 41  template.
 <table width="160">  <table width="160">
 <tr>  <tr>
<td colspan=2><img src="http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/whatsnew_top.gif" width="154" height="15"><br></td>    <td valign=top>
         <img src="http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/whatsnew_top.gif" width="154" height="15" alt="What's New">
         <ul class="small_images">
             <li>December 14 2005 - Annotations 0.3.2 released
             <li>December 12 2005 - Annotations 0.3.0 + Annozilla 0.6.1 released
 </tr>  </tr>
 <tr>  <tr>
<td valign=top><img src="http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/bullet.gif" width="10" height="10"></td>    <td valign=bottom>
<td valign=top>         <div id="contributors">
<font size="-1">        <p><b>Project owner:</b><br>
News item goes here        Matthew Wilson</p>
</font><br>        <p><b>Contributors:</b><br>
</td>        Doug Daniels<br>
         Jeffrey Phillips</p>
         <p><b>Annotation icons</b><br>
         &copy; W3C
         <p><b>Thanks to:</b><br>
         Mike Lee (<a href="http://mozblog.mozdev.org">mozblog</a>)</p>
 </tr>  </tr>
 </table>  </table>
Line 33  News item goes here Line 71  News item goes here
 </td>  </td>
 </tr>  </tr>
 </table>  </table>
   <p><b><i>Please use the <a href="bugs.html">bug reporting mechanism</a> or
           the <a href="list.html">mailing list</a> to discuss Annozilla.</i></b></p>

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