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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <div id="announcements">  <div id="announcements">
    <h3 id="announcement20050416"><a href="installation/">Annozilla 0.5.4 available</a></h3>
    <p>This release is recommended for all users and fixes a number of issues:    <h3 id="announcement20060722"><a href="installation/">Annozilla 0.6.6 released</a></h3>
     <p>This release fixes a number of bugs and adds a Japanese translation.</p>
     <ul>      <ul>
        <li>Adds an editor in Firefox for the first time. The Firefox editor is not as        <li>List of available languages are taken from the browser's internal lists,
        polished as the Mozilla version, but has more or less the same features.        ensuring that they appear appropriately for the user's language (Firefox editor window only)
        (Install the Spellbound extension too to get spell-checking on annotations.)        <li>Editor windows closed correctly after posting (bug 12830)
        <li>Fixes the "annotate current selection" context-menu command for Mozilla 1.7.6.        <li>When an annotation icon is inside a link, selecting the link opens the annotation
        Also adds this command to Firefox, where it was inexplicably missing        body and doesn't follow the link
        <li>Fixes preference handling in Firefox. (Some preferences could never be set        <li>A correction to the insertion of icons inside documents
        in Firefox; some screens worked only intermittently.) 
     </ul>      </ul>
    <p>Updating of annotation bodies is still not working.    <p>Firefox users can use the automatic update facility to get these new versions.</p>
     <p>Thanks to Dr. Katsuhiko Tsujino for his work in fixing these bugs, and for providing
     the Japanese translation.</p>
 </div>  </div>
 <p id="intro">This is the the <b>Annozilla</b> project, designed to view and  <p id="intro">This is the the <b>Annozilla</b> project, designed to view and
Line 42  you should be ready to go.</p> Line 44  you should be ready to go.</p>
     <td valign=top>      <td valign=top>
         <img src="http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/whatsnew_top.gif" width="154" height="15" alt="What's New">          <img src="http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/whatsnew_top.gif" width="154" height="15" alt="What's New">
         <ul class="small_images">          <ul class="small_images">
            <li>April 16 2005 - Annozilla 0.5.4 released            <li>July 22 2006 - Annozilla 0.6.6 released.
             <li>March 25 2006 - Annozilla 0.6.5 released.
             <li>January 11 2006 - Annozilla 0.6.3 released
         </ul>          </ul>
     </td>      </td>
 </tr>  </tr>
Line 53  you should be ready to go.</p> Line 57  you should be ready to go.</p>
         Matthew Wilson</p>          Matthew Wilson</p>
         <p><b>Contributors:</b><br>          <p><b>Contributors:</b><br>
         Doug Daniels<br>          Doug Daniels<br>
        Jeffrey Phillips</p>        Jeffrey Phillips<br>
         Dr. Katsuhiko Tsujino</p>
         <p><b>Annotation icons</b><br>          <p><b>Annotation icons</b><br>
         &copy; W3C          &copy; W3C
         <p><b>Thanks to:</b><br>          <p><b>Thanks to:</b><br>

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