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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <h2>Annotea on Mozilla</h2>  <h2>Annotea on Mozilla</h2>
<div style="border: dashed 1px black; padding: 0 10"><div style="border: dashed 3px red; padding: 0 10">
<h3>Annozilla 0.3.1 released</h3>    <h3>Annozilla 0.3.3 release broken?</h3>
<p><b><i>This is mostly a maintenance release, bringing Annozilla up to date    <p><b><i>The 0.3.3 release doesn't seem to be installing properly. More
with the latest Mozilla interfaces. This release REQUIRES Mozilla 0.9.7 (or            news to follow.  Changes in 0.3.1 were:</i></b></p>
higher). Other changes in this release are:</i></b></p> 
 <ul>  <ul>
 <li>Goes directly to the annotation server, instead of via the bookmarklet  <li>Goes directly to the annotation server, instead of via the bookmarklet
 servlet  servlet
Line 30  annotations.</p> Line 29  annotations.</p>
 code</a>, get set up with a user account with an annotation server <a  code</a>, get set up with a user account with an annotation server <a
 href="http://annotest.w3.org/access">(e.g., the W3C test server)</a>, and then  href="http://annotest.w3.org/access">(e.g., the W3C test server)</a>, and then
 you should be ready to go.</p>  you should be ready to go.</p>
<p>You can also see <a href="screenshots.html">some screenshots</a> - an<p>You can also see <a href="screenshots.html">some screenshots</a> - examples
example of the sidebar in action, and the preferences panel.</p>of Annozilla in action, and its integration with Mozilla. Currently there are
 screenshots for both the current released version, and the proposed new version
 which should be included as part of the 0.4 release, when it is available.</p>
 </td>  </td>
Line 58  example of the sidebar in action, and th Line 59  example of the sidebar in action, and th
 <tr>  <tr>
     <td valign=top>      <td valign=top>
         <ul style="list-style-image: url(http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/bullet.gif)">          <ul style="list-style-image: url(http://www.mozdev.org/sharedimages/bullet.gif)">
            <li><small>Feb 8 2002 - Annozilla 0.3.2 for Mozilla 0.9.8 is on the            <li><small>Mar 18 2002 - The 0.3.3 release doesn't seem to be installing correctly.</small></li>
                way. My patch for bug 123499 was checked in.</small></li>            <li><small>Mar 14 2002 - Annozilla 0.3.3 released; a maintenace release for use with Mozilla 0.9.9. This does not include all the latest code in CVS.</small></li>
            <li><small>Feb 5 2002 - Mozilla 0.9.8 is released. Annozilla 0.3.1            <li><small>Mar 12 2002 - First screenshot of annotating SVG in the
                looks more or less OK, except that the pref panel doesn't show                <a href="screenshots/second/index.html">new screenshots section</a></small></li>
                up in the tree. There is a fix for this in CVS. There's also a            <li><small>Mar 4 2002 - Being held up by an
                fix for a problem where the pref panel can only be shown once                <a href="http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=127418">XBL bug</a></small></li>
                per session.</small></li>            <li><small>Feb 19 2002 - The <a href="aims.html">Project Aims</a>
            <li><small>Raised <a                page now lists improvements which should make it into the next
                    href="http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=123499">Mozilla                release of Annozilla</small></li>
                    bug 123499</a> on the inability to do HTTP DELETEs            <li><small>Feb 15 2002 - Some more <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a>
            </small></li>                showing changes in future versions - a redesigned sidebar,
            <li><small>Feb 02 2002 - Doug Daniels' XPointer code has been                an updated preferences panel, and an HTML editor when 
                checked in to CVS - thanks Doug! Work continues on XBLifying                creating and editing annotations.</small></li>
                the annotation icons and tidying up the server code. 
            <li><small>Jan 25 2002 - Version 0.3.1 available - maintenance 
                release for Mozilla 0.9.7 builds</small></li> 
         </ul>          </ul>
     </td>      </td>
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