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Reinstate "Mozilla compatibility" aim


<p>Here are some aims of the Annozilla project.

<h3>Keep up with Mozilla releases</h3>
<p>The 0.3.1 release brings Annozilla up to date with Mozilla 0.9.7. With the
latest nightly builds, the preferences panel will not appear in the preferences
tree; I hope to make a new Annozilla release once Mozilla 0.9.8 comes out.</p>

<h3>Interopability with Amaya</h3>

<p>Annozilla should support all annotation features which Amaya supports. In

<h4>Any annotation posted by Amaya should be readable with Annozilla</h4>
<p>Currently Annozilla does not achieve this: Amaya can produce XPointers which
Annozilla cannot interpret. Doug Daniels has recently provided me with a patch
for improved XPointer support; I hope to include this in a 0.4 release in
<p>The annotation schema has also had facilities added recently to allow
Replies to annotations; Annozilla does not support this.</p>

<h4>All annotation facilities provided by Amaya should be provided</h4>
<p>In addition to the new Reply capability, Annozilla does not provide a way of
<li>changing the type
of annotations. Some of these may be included in a 0.4 or 0.5 release.</p>

<p>There have also been requests for Annozilla to interface with multiple
servers, or to be able to keep annotations in a local file. These will be

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