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   <h2>Changes targetted at a 0.4 release</h2>
       <li>Phoenix compatibility
       <li>New Delete Annotation functionality
       <li>New Edit Annotation functionality
       <li>Icons in the document now load the annotation body when selected
       <li>Icons now optionally inserted in the body using XBL (therefore they
       don't change the DOM and should not disrupt scripts or stylesheets)
       <li>New Sidebar implementation in XUL giving a cleaner and more functional
       user interface
       <li>New HTML editor window for creating annotations (instead of a
       plain-text entry area)
       <li>Works with spellchecker if you have it installed
       <li>Split preferences across three panels
       <li>Significantly refactored code for better maintainability and
       <li>Improved auto-load functionality: auto-load annotations only from specified sites
 <h2>Aims</h2>  <h2>Aims</h2>
 <p>Here are some aims of the Annozilla project.  <p>Here are some aims of the Annozilla project.
 <h3>Keep up with Mozilla releases</h3>  <h3>Keep up with Mozilla releases</h3>
<p>The 0.3.1 release brings Annozilla up to date with Mozilla 0.9.7. With the<p>The 0.3.4 release brings Annozilla up to date with Mozilla 1.0. All future
latest nightly builds, the preferences panel will not appear in the preferencesreleases should be usable with Mozilla 1.0.</p>
tree; I hope to make a new Annozilla release once Mozilla 0.9.8 comes out.</p> 
 <h3>Interopability with Amaya</h3>  <h3>Interopability with Amaya</h3>

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