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   <h2>Changes targetted at a 0.4 release</h2>
       <li>New Delete Annotation functionality
       <li>New Edit Annotation functionality
       <li>Icons in the document now load the annotation body when selected
       <li>Icons now inserted in the body using XBL (therefore they don't change
       the DOM and should not disrupt scripts or stylesheets)
       <li>New Sidebar implementation in XUL giving a cleaner and more functional
       user interface
       <li>New HTML editor window for creating annotations (instead of a
       plain-text entry area)
       <li>Split preferences across three (two?) panels
       <li>Significantly refactored code for better maintainability and
       <li>Following code tidy-up, split up server-handling code into RemoteServer
       and BookmarkletServer (with LocalServer planned for a future version)
 <h2>Aims</h2>  <h2>Aims</h2>
 <p>Here are some aims of the Annozilla project.  <p>Here are some aims of the Annozilla project.
 <h3>Keep up with Mozilla releases</h3>  <h3>Keep up with Mozilla releases</h3>
<p>The 0.3.1 release brings Annozilla up to date with Mozilla 0.9.7. With the<p>The 0.3.2 release brings Annozilla up to date with Mozilla 0.9.8.</p>
latest nightly builds, the preferences panel will not appear in the preferences 
tree; I hope to make a new Annozilla release once Mozilla 0.9.8 comes out.</p> 
 <h3>Interopability with Amaya</h3>  <h3>Interopability with Amaya</h3>

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