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Fri Dec 8 21:01:43 2006 UTC (13 years, 7 months ago) by matthew
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Update documentation

<h1>Annozilla 'to do' list</h1>
<h2>Short term</h2>
<li><strike>Move 'Server prefs' and 'Edit Site List' back into the main panel on Firefox</strike> (fixed in CVS)
<li>Don't write to window.status?
<li>Make all sidebar options available via menu (not just context menu)
<li><strike>Fix memory leaks (3 objects leaked per window)</strike> fixed in CVS
<li>Are we slowing down new window/tab creation by loading so much code into the context menu? (nsISubscriptLoader or whatever it's called)

<h2>Medium term</h2>
<li>Use XBL language binding everywhere
<li>Rework classes using model/view/controller terminology
<li>On sidebar load with no servers, make it easier to load the Server options panel

<h2>Long term</h2>
<li>XBL for annotation icons and/or highlights
<li>Test cases
<li>Unit tests

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