Annotation of annozilla/www/ToDo.html, revision 1.3

1.2       matthew     1: <h1>Annozilla 'to do' list</h1>
1.1       matthew     2: <h2>Short term</h2>
                      3: <ul>
1.2       matthew     4: <li><strike>Move 'Server prefs' and 'Edit Site List' back into the main panel on Firefox</strike> (fixed in CVS)
1.1       matthew     5: <li>Don't write to window.status?
                      6: <li>Make all sidebar options available via menu (not just context menu)
1.2       matthew     7: <li><strike>Fix memory leaks (3 objects leaked per window)</strike> fixed in CVS
                      8: <li>Are we slowing down new window/tab creation by loading so much code into the context menu? (nsISubscriptLoader or whatever it's called)
1.3     ! matthew     9: <li><strike>Get <code>"Stylesheet annotations.css not found: using chrome://annozilla/content/annotations.css"</code> in error console.</strike> Update: this is intended behaviour, however I have removed the logging to the console.
        !            10: <li>Autoloading for tabbed browsing?
        !            11: <li>From an empty sidebar (showing "No annotations loaded"), create an annotation without first loading the annotations for the page. The new annotation is added for the list but "No annotations loaded" is still present.
        !            12: <li>Remove extra nodes from DOM when a highlight is deleted. (At the moment we just remove the highlighting.)
1.1       matthew    13: </ul>
                     15: <h2>Medium term</h2>
                     16: <ul>
1.3     ! matthew    17: <li>In the Server Options panel, display "Local Server" not "urn:localserver"
1.1       matthew    18: <li>Use XBL language binding everywhere
                     19: <li>Rework classes using model/view/controller terminology
1.2       matthew    20: <li>On sidebar load with no servers, make it easier to load the Server options panel
1.3     ! matthew    21: <li>Move multiple server support into an 'Advanced' panel???
1.1       matthew    22: </ul>
                     24: <h2>Long term</h2>
                     25: <ul>
                     26: <li>XBL for annotation icons and/or highlights
1.3     ! matthew    27: <li>The 'fastback' feature would presumably leave annotation icons/highlights in the document but not held by Annozilla. Could the annotation data be held in the document, with DOM UserData? (speculation, I don't know whether this is possible.)
1.1       matthew    28: <li>Test cases
                     29: <li>Unit tests
                     30: </ul>

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