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    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    2: <h1>Annozilla Release Notes</h1>
    3: <h2>Status</h2>
    4: <p>Working towards a new release (annotations 0.4.0, annozilla 0.7.0) with changes from Eliot Setzer and C. Greg Hagerty.</p>
    6: <ul>
    7: <li><a href="">xpointerlib-0.2.5.xpi</a>
    8: <li><a href="">annotations-0.4.0.a.1.xpi</a>
    9: <li><a href="">annozilla-0.7.0.a.1.xpi</a>
   10: </ul>
   12: <h3>New features in the build</h3>
   13: <ul>
   14: <li>"Scroll Into View" for annotations from the sidebar
   15: <li>Annotate Condition, Recommendation in context menu
   16: <li>Existing "annotate" context menu item split into Annotate selection/Annotate page
   17: <li>Keyboard shortcut for "Delete annotation" from sidebar
   18: <li>Highlighting of annotations in document
   19: <li>Asynchronous load of annotations improves app responsivity during load. (Currently enabled by preference in Firefox; this preference will go before the release, almost certainly to enable asynchronous load by default)
   20: <li>New "stop load" feature during resolution of annotations
   21: </ul>
   23: <h3>Broken in the merge</h3>
   24: <ul>
   25: <li>Not possible to open multiple annotation windows (eg by selecting multiple icons in order); so not possible to test the Eliot Setzer changes which ensure that only the correct window closes when an annotation post completes)
   26: <li>Calling the tab listener functions on window open fails
   27: <li>No "Annotate Condition"/"Annotate Recommendation" on context menu
   28: <li>After "Delete" annotation from sidebar, next annotation doesn't get selected
   29: </ul>
   31: <h3>Tested and working</h3>
   32: <ul>
   33: <li>Manual load of annotations into sidebar; icons, highlights, asynch load
   34: <li>Annotation updating and deleting
   35: </ul>
   37: <h3>Not tested</h3>
   38: <ul>
   39: <li>Auto-loading of annotations
   40: </ul>

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