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Current directory: [mozdev] / annozilla / www

Current tag: ANNOZILLA-0-6-7-BRANCH

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] installer.js[GRAPH] 1.1 17 years rainking - initial checkin
[TXT] xpointerlib-update.rdf[GRAPH] 1.8 13 years matthew 0.2.4. Fix errors raised in Firefox 2.
[TXT] annozilla-update.rdf[GRAPH] 1.13 13 years matthew 0.6.7.
[TXT] index.html[GRAPH] 1.82 13 years matthew 0.6.7.
[TXT] annotations-update.rdf[GRAPH] 1.6 13 years matthew 2.0 compatibility.
[TXT] project_nav.html[GRAPH] 1.14 15 years matthew Add (empty) alt text for boxes decoration
[TXT] head.txt[GRAPH] 1.3 17 years matthew Add Content-Type; make links absolute so this file can be copied and pasted arou...
[BIN] annot.png[GRAPH] 1.1 18 years matthew Add annotation icon (for page icon)
[TXT] annozilla.png[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years matthew Adding description and screenshots.
[TXT] annozillaBindings.xml[GRAPH] 1.1 18 years matthew Another copy of annozillaBindings.xml so that we can refer to it via HTTP
[TXT] annozilla-update-test.rdf.php[GRAPH] 1.6 13 years matthew Back to 1 minute expiry for further testing
[TXT] aims.html[GRAPH] 1.11 16 years matthew Change references to Phoenix
[TXT] local.conf[GRAPH] 1.4 17 years matthew Change to doctype without a system identifier (to trigger quirks mode and get th...
[TXT] news.html[GRAPH] 1.1 18 years matthew Extract news into separate file (adding new item)
[TXT] annozilla.css[GRAPH] 1.12 17 years matthew Fix indenting of h3's, make indenting more obvious, and use margin-left not text...
[TXT] testing.html[GRAPH] 1.8 17 years matthew Fix wording, duplicate test, incorrect test numbering
[TXT] list.html[GRAPH] 1.4 15 years matthew List members only
[TXT] bugs.html[GRAPH] 1.5 18 years matthew Make header into H2 (H1 is in project nav section)
[TXT] installation.html[GRAPH] 1.33 14 years matthew Point to the new installation page.
[TXT] source.html[GRAPH] 1.12 14 years matthew Remove old information about 0.3 branch
[BIN] annozilla.gif[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years matthew Replace screenshots with GIFs, fix link to source
[TXT] annozilla-update-test.rdf[GRAPH] 1.1 13 years matthew Test whether PHP can be executed inside RDF
[TXT] screenshots.html[GRAPH] 1.18 14 years matthew Update for Firefox 1.5 screenshots
[TXT] annotation.html[GRAPH] 1.1 19 years david adding files

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