Annotation of annozilla/service/TODO, revision 1.2

1.2     ! rainking    1: * fix serverName to be serverURI in IDL for annotation, and then fix everything that effects
        !             2: 
        !             3: * make serverURI readonly
        !             4: 
        !             5: * change everything that we can from throwing an exception to returning null instead, which seems to work
        !             6: 
        !             7: * change things called URL to URI when necessary
        !             8: 
        !             9: * add code to check status of XMLHttpRequest objects, and make error messages better in general in the remote server error callback functions
        !            10: 
        !            11: 
        !            12: * test autoLoad on same page in a row, to ensure that annotations don't come through twice
        !            13: 
        !            14: * in AnnotationsService.onEndLoad, testing the autoLoadServersResponded == serverCount could be a problem if servers are added or removed.  test this case.
        !            15: 
        !            16: DONE:
        !            17: 
        !            18: 
        !            19: * surround code that makes client callbacks and then does more stuff in try/catch, with a console-print of any error message in the catch.  this prevents client code from jacking the service
        !            20:  - update --> XPCOM may do this for us, so unneccessary
        !            21: 
        !            22: * design data structure setup such that each app registered for autoLoad gets one AnnotationsEnum with all of the annotations for its servers
        !            23:  - this should be done by having an array for each application, and as servers respond in we need a server --> array of application map
        !            24:  - this could be done each time we autoLoad, but that's expensive.  instead, we could update this as observers and servers and autoLoad stuff changes for each app, and keep this sort of thing in the app itself.  since autoLoad happens much more often than updating preferences, this is the way to go.
        !            25: 
        !            26: * Need to clone annotations *and* enumerator *every* time we give out annotations to multiple observers--this should be the job of the ObserverAlerter for multiple observers within an application, as well as the AnnotationsService whenever a particular annotation is sent to multiple applications

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