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addition of changelog to website and restructure of updateinfo

<h1 class="project-name" id="content">AMOLocaliser</h1>

<table id="project-navigation">

  <tbody id="sub-projects" class="project-navigations">
  <th scope="row">subprojects:</th>
  <td class="navigation-list">  
  <a class="first-item" href="/subprojectdir/index.html">subproject name</a>
  <a href="/subprojectpage.html">subproject name</a>

  <tbody id="resources" class="project-navigations">
  <th scope="row">resources:</th>
  <td class="navigation-list">
  <a class="first-item" href="/index.html">Home</a>
  <a href="/list.html">Mailing List</a>
  <a href="/installation.html">Installation</a>
  <a href="/changelog.html">ChangeLog</a>
  <a href="/source.html">Source Code</a>
  <a href="/members.html">Members</a>
  <a href="/bugs.html">Bugs</a>
  <a href="/screenshots.html">Screenshots</a>

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