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<h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">ChangeLog</a></h5>

<h3>Changes in version 0.3</h3><ul><li> fixed bug with content not being properly inserted.</li><li> preference added to turn off web page integration.</li><li>additional preference to just attempt web page integration on amo site, enabled by default.</li><li> apply button is now enabled in every tab not just the current one.</li><li> load button on step 1 of submission pages without additional file selector dialog.</li><li> Can now apply default locale meta-data on the step by step submission pages. (If the load button is used in step 1 then locale there is used, if not then en-US).</li></ul>

<h3>Changes in version 0.2.5</h3><ul><li> fixed: developer comments weren't added - format of the page is slightly different.</li><li> can create a blank file to fill in, via a menu item - goofy@babelzilla request</li><li> fixed: folder loading wasn't working properly if the folders weren't in a subfolder.</li></ul>

<h3>Changes in version 0.2.1</h3><ul><li> removed error console popup when debug mode isn't enabled</li><li>changed \ n to newline character.</li></ul>

<h3>Changes in version 0.2</h3><ul><li> fixed bug: after xpi has been loaded once, can't load second time - worked around by being able to reapply current data.</li><li> you can now load a specified folder rather than an xpi.</li><li> jars can be selected as well as xpi's.</li><li> buttons for operating the add-on are added on supported amo pages just above the localisation box.</li></ul>

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