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<p>Your feedback on extensions from AE Creations are welcome.  There are
various methods available depending on whether you wish to send a question or
comment, or submit a bug report.</p>


<p>Post your questions or comments to the <a href="">AE Creations forums</a>, hosted on Google Groups.  Please search the forum topics first to see if your question has already been answered.</p>

<p>Anyone can browse through forum posts and comments, but to create a new post
or comment on existing posts, you must have a Google account.</p>

<p>Old mailing list archives (prior to December 2008) are available for browsing: <a href="">AE Creations</a>, <a href="">Clippings</a>.</p>

<h4>Bug Reporting</h4>

<p>Go to the <a href="">bug page</a> to
search existing bugs or file a new bug report.  You must have a Bugzilla
account on Mozdev in order to create a new bug in Bugzilla; alternatively, you
can submit your bug report to the AE Creations forums.</p>

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