How to Write a Useful Bug Report

Useful bug reports are ones that get bugs fixed. A useful bug report normally has two qualities:
  1. Reproducible. If an engineer can't see it or conclusively prove that it exists, the engineer will probably stamp it WORKSFORME or INVALID, and move on to the next bug. Every relevant detail you can provide helps.
  2. Specific. The quicker the engineer can isolate the issue to a specific problem, the more likely it'll be expediently fixed. If you're crashing on a site, please take the time to isolate what on the page is triggering the crash, and include it as an HTML snippet in the bug report if possible. (Specific bugs have the added bonus of remaining relevant when an engineer actually gets to them; in a rapidly changing web, a bug report of " crashes my browser" becomes meaningless after the site experiences a half-dozen redesigns and hundreds of content changes.)
Let's say you crash deleting cookies from, and want to write up a bug report:
BAD: "My browser crashed. I think I was on I think that this is a really bad problem and you should fix it or else nobody will use your browser. By the way, my sister thinks your icons really suck. Oh, and my mom's home page doesn't look right, either, it's all messed up. Thx 4 fixing theze bugz."
GOOD: "I crashed each time when I tried to delete a cookie for, using Firefox 1.0.3 on a Win NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5) system. . I also rebooted into Linux, and reproduced this problem using the 20030608 Linux build.
I looked in my JS Console and it said: invalid syntax ... in addneditcookies.xul

REMEBER JS CONSOLE ERRORS ARE IMPORTANT! Look for error lines that contain the word "addneditcookies"

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