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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
 <h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation</a></h5>  <h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation</a></h5>
<p><a href="http://downloads.mozdev.org/addneditcookies/FILENAME.xpi">XPI INSTALL LINK</a></p><p>
 <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mozilla 1.7.1 and up (Windows)
 <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Does NOT work on FireFox/FireBird</p>
 Tested On: 
 <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mozilla 1.7.1-1.7.3 (Windows)
 <p><a href="#" onclick="triggerURL('http://downloads.mozdev.org/addneditcookies/addneditcookies-0.1.xpi');">Install version 0.1 of Add &amp; Edit Cookies today</a> 
 or <A HREF='http://downloads.mozdev.org/addneditcookies/addneditcookies-0.1.xpi' title="Don't forget to press SHIFT to download!">(download it)</A>  
 Note: Installs Globally. To Uninstall click the small "Uninstall button in the left bottom corner of the main dialog.</p>

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