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Welcome to the Add & Edit Cookies project.

*Great Tip*: Auto-Logins using Add N Edit Cookies. (article)


Q: Why would I need this?
A: If you are a web developer and work with cookies a lot.

Q: What's difference from native Cookie Manage?
A: The main diffirence is that this extension edits and adds cookies not just displays them. it also has a handy filter feature, you can filter for a specific host in the cookies list and the search result will be saved even if you close the browser. See Screenshots.

Q. How can I add a cookie.
A. Select a cookie and click Add Button. Fill out all the fields. remember that characters ';' and '=' are used as separators in storing cookies, so do not use them for cookie names or values.

Q. How do I edit cookies.
A. Select a cookie and click Edit button. You can edit the cookie value and expiration date.

The Long Story

Q: Why do this?
A: Show the Story

Once I was working with an image verification system and needed to edit cookie values for a session cookie. The Mozilla/Firefox cookie manager is not something that could help in this case. Nor did any other browser or tool I knew of or found on the web. So I decided to create my own cookie editor.

This is the first *to my knowledge* realtime Cookie Editor capable of editing session as well as, file stored cookies natively in Mozilla.
The need for this appeared at one point when I need to edit cookies on the browser end to test image verification system.
I looked all over the web but there was not any editor that would allow me to edit session cookies, which was understandable since session cookies are stored in the browser memory and removed upon terminating the browser. And no browser, I knew ofm allowed you to edit cookie data, not even Konqueror :-D.
So I turned to MozDev to see if anyone has made such extension. But alas even there solution was not found. One project (cookiemanager) started to develop such extentsion but it did not take off. So after 3 days of research at XulPlanet, perusing Mozilla Docs, and digging into the mozilla source code, Add & Edit Cookies Editor was born. I would like to thank the owner, Ruslan Bondarev, of the above mentioned project for generously offering his work to build upon.