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<h5 class="page-header">Screenshots</h5>

  <dt><img alt="settings window" src="/screens/settings.png" width="241" height="211" /></dt>
  <dd>The extension's settings.</dd>

  <dt><a href="/screens/abp-preferences.png"><img alt="ABP preferences" src="/screens/abp-preferences-small.png" width="160" height="120" /></a></dt>
  <dd>Modified Adblock Plus preferences window. With additional button for Upload and menu item for accessing the uploader's preferences.</dd>

  <dt><img alt="" src="/screens/ftp-upload.png" width="273" height="106" /></dt>
  <dd>The dialog shown during FTP upload.</dd>

  <dt><img alt="" src="/screens/output.png" width="122" height="77" /></dt>
  <dd>The output of the extension created with the ABP preferences from above.</dd>

  <!--<dt><a href="/screens/.png"><img alt="" src="/screens/-small.png" width="" height="" /></a></dt>-->

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