Annotation of accountex/www/error/404.html, revision 1.2

1.1       petejc      1: <p>The page <font color="#990000"><b><?php PRINT PAGE; ?></b></font> was not found on this site.
                      3: <p>To find the desired link, try checking the <?php print $project; ?> project's 
                      4: <?php print "<a href=\"http://$\">"; ?>main page</a>.
                      6: <p>If that doesn't have the link you were looking for, you could also check out the following links:
                      8: <ul>
                      9: <li><a href="">List of announced projects</a>
                     10: <li><a href="">List of unannounced projects</a>
                     11: <li><a href="">Frequently Asked Questions page</a>
                     12: <li>Search query page (coming soon)
                     13: </ul>
                     15: <p>If those don't help, you could also try sending mail to a project's mailing list, to one of the project owners, or to the general 
                     16: site feedback address:
                     18: <ul>
                     19: <li><a href="">Mailing Lists</a>
                     20: <li><a href="">Project Owners</a>
                     21: <li><a href="">Feedback</a>
                     22: </ul>

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