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 <ul class="news">  <ul class="news">
   <li>    <li>
       <div class="date">07 Apr 30</div>
         Ready for Thunderbird 2.0
         accountex-0.2.3-tb.xpi und accountex-0.2.3-de-tb.xpi online.
       <div class="date">Dec 25</div>
         <a href="en_beta.html">Download</a> beta1 from accountex 0.3.0 now!
       <div class="date">Nov 22</div>
         New Section "Beta". First screenshots from next version.
     <div class="date">Nov 13</div>      <div class="date">Nov 13</div>
       accountex-0.2.2-tb.xpi and accountex-0.2.2-de-tb.xpi online.        accountex-0.2.2-tb.xpi and accountex-0.2.2-de-tb.xpi online.
   </li>    </li>
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       accountex-0.2.0-tb.xpi and accountex-0.2.0-de-tb.xpi online.        accountex-0.2.0-tb.xpi and accountex-0.2.0-de-tb.xpi online.
   </li>    </li>
 </ul>  </ul>
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