Annotation of accessibar/www/known.html, revision 1.4

1.1       edank       1: <br>
                      2: <h1>Known Issues</h1>
                      3: <ul>
                      4: <li>Text to speech reader randomly stops reading, followed by browser instability. 
1.2       edank       5: Calls are made into Accessibar's reader classes VIA Liveconnect. I haven't been able to isolate and reproduce this with a simple test case yet, so I will attempt to
1.3       edank       6: solve this heuristically by filtering excessive speak requests to reader. <em> (RESOLVED - Characters that weren't handled properly are now filtered out)</em>  
1.1       edank       7: </li>
1.4     ! edank       8: <li>German locale for Mozilla Suite version broken. (Firefox German locale works fine). Changing
        !             9: country code from DE to AT will get it to work, but then English locale is ignored.</li>
1.1       edank      10: <li>Help files are going through a revision and will soon be made available.</li>
                     11: </ul>

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