Installation Instructions

Text to speech reader related installation (Visual web page features will work without this)

* More detailed installation instructions can be found in the User's Guide.

Toolbar not appearing when upgrading from version 0.7.0 and under?

If you previously had Accessibar 0.7.0 and under installed and then uninstalled/upgraded while the Tools -> Accessibar Toolbar setting was deselected (toolbar hidden), version 0.7.1+ will not appear in the interface.

To resolve this:
  1. Install this older Accessibar version and select Tools->Accessibar Toolbar to display the toolbar
  2. Now, get your latest version of Accessibar here!

Currently known issues - and mini FAQs

May want to check out the known issues and update me if you find something not on the list.


Accessibar is dually licensed under the Mozilla Public License and the GNU General Public License.

Accessibar uses FreeTTS for its voice engine and the Java Speech API which carry the following license terms and acknowledgments.