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<p><b>Installation For End Users (Linux Only)</b><br>
    <li>Ensure you have a copy of <a href="">AbiWord for RedHat 7.1 v.</a> installed, and a copy of Mozilla 0.9.5.
    <li>Download the file <a href="files/"> here</a> (Right click and do Save Link As).
    <li>Copy that to /usr/lib/
    <li><a href="files/">Download</a> (Right click and do Save Link As ).
    <li>Copy that to (YOUR MOZILLA DIRECTORY)/plugins
    <li>Export a variable ABISUITE_HOME by doing this in a terminal:<BR>
        export ABISUITE_HOME=/usr/share/AbiSuite
     <p>You should add this line to your .profile or .bashrc so that it happens automatically when you login.
    <li>You will need to restart Mozilla to have the plugin registered.
    <li><a href="files/wordp.xul">Open up this test page</a> in Mozilla to see if it works.

<p><b>Installation For Developers</b><br>
    <b>From plugin.tar.gz</b>
        <li>Download <a href="files/plugin.tar.gz">plugin.tar.gz</a>
<b>From CVS</b><br> 
    <li>Get the source code for the plugin. Follow directions on <a href="source.html">this page</a>.

<p>There are a few steps that you have to go through in order to help develop the plugin:
        <li>Get the source of Abiword. You can get this at <a href=""></a>
        <li>Modify the Makefile in libabiword. Change "ABIBUILD= /usr/local/oe-abiword-devel" to "ABIBUILD= PATHTOSOURCE" where PATHTOSOURCE is obviously where the source code of Abiword is on your machine.
        <li>cd to the libabiword directory type make and then make install. This creates and puts in in /usr/lib
        <li>cd ../plugin
        <li>Edit the Makefile: Change "MOZZY= /usr/lib/mozilla" to the path where Mozilla is installed.
        <li>Change "MOZZYDEV = /usr/include/mozilla" to the path to your Mozilla header files.
        <li>Type make and then make install. This creates and moves it to MOZZY/plugins.
        <li>cd MOZZY, delete your components.reg file and run ./regxpcom
        <li>You're done!

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