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Fri Oct 25 14:42:28 2002 UTC (16 years, 5 months ago) by mikep
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Upgraded to Mozilla 1.2b and abiword 1.0.3.

AbiMoz: Wordprocessor PlugIn for Mozilla
Compilation and Installation Instructions
OEone corporation
Aug 16, 2001

Easy Install Instructions:

First make sure you have a clean built tree of Mozilla.

PART I - Building AbiWord
1) Download the AbiWord source code from ,
   untar and run make / make install

2) Try executing the binary to ensure it works

PART II - Compiling the plugin
1) Checkout the latest plugin code from CVS. Refer to <a href="source.html">this page</a> for instructions
2) Modify the makefile to change ABIBUILD to point to the AbiWord toplevel directory in which the Abiword build took place
3) Modify the Makefile to change MOZZY to point to your mozilla running directory and MOZZYDEV to point to your mozilla developer
   directory which will provide the needed mozilla header files.
4) Type "make" to build the plugin.

PART III - Installing the plugin
1) In the ./plugin directory type "make install" to install the plugin

PART IV - Running the Plugin
1) Set the environment variable ABISUITE_HOME to the installed AbiSuite directory ( usually /usr/local/AbiSuite ).
   ( you can type export ABISUITE_HOME=/usr/local/AbiSuite )
2) Either add the AbiWord fonts to your font path or type this command :
   xset fp+ /usr/local/AbiSuite/fonts
3) Run mozilla from your mozilla running directory and open the file /abimoz/plugin/wpplugintst.html

Head to #abiword to talk about any problems you encounter.

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