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Mon Jan 31 17:07:42 2005 UTC (14 years, 1 month ago) by ajvincent
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Updates to fix Abacus in recent Mozilla builds

<h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation</a></h5>

<p>Instructions for Mozilla</p>

  <li>Install <a href="">JSLib</a>.</li>
  <li>Install <a href="">Abacus MathML Editor 0.1.2</a></li>	

<p>Instructions for Nvu</p>
  <li>Install JSLib and Abacus as for Mozilla Composer.</li>
  <li>Write down how you did it and <a href="">tell me!</a></li>
<p>(Seriously, I haven't figured out how to make it work yet.)</p>

<p>JSLib is <strong>required</strong> for Abacus's various components to work.  Future editions will hopefully separate the
Template Editor from the MathML Editor and remove the latter's dependence on JSLib.</p>

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