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Updates to fix Abacus in recent Mozilla builds

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<li>Abacus slides available (OpenOffice 1.1) from Open Source Convention</li>
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<h1>Abacus:  MathML Editing for Mozilla Composer and friends</h1>

<p>Abacus is an extension for Mozilla-based applications for writing and editing MathML expressions.  These expressions
define the <em>presentation</em> and the <em>content</em> of a mathematical expression for other user-agents on the WWW.</p>

<p>Abacus takes as its inspiration the <a href="">W3C Amaya editor</a>, using JavaScript and XUL to 
create a flexible interface for editing MathML.  Abacus also insists on exporting content MathML, to convey to other 
user-agents the
exact mathematical definition of an expression.</p>

<p>Abacus is intended to be a foundation for developing web-based mathematics tools on the Mozilla platform.  
However, there is quite a bit of work to be done before Abacus can be useful to the end-user community at large.</p>

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