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<h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Troubleshooting</a></h5>

  <p align="justify" class="boldtext">After restarting, Mozilla/Firefox displays
    the startup banner and appears to be hung.</p>
<div align="justify">
        <li>Kill the mozilla/firefox process by using a method suitable for your
          operating system. (For example, in windows press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to
          bring up the task manager, go the &quot;Processes&quot; tab, select
          the &quot;MOZILLA.EXE&quot; or &quot;firefox.exe&quot; 
          process and click &quot;End Process&quot;. In linux, type &quot;ps
          -A&quot; at the command
          line, note the process id of Mozilla/Firefox and then type &quot;kill
          -9 &lt;process
          id&gt;&quot;) </li>
        <li>Navigate to the chrome subdirectory in the mozilla/firefox program
                    folder. On a Windows workstation, the path to this directory
              would by default be: &quot;C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\chrome\&quot; (Mozilla)
              or &quot;C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome\&quot; (Firefox).</li>
        <li>Delete the &quot;chrome.rdf&quot; file and the &quot;overlayinfo&quot; directory.
          These will be rebuilt on starting Mozilla/Firefox.</li>
        <li>If this and reinstalling don't work, uninstall the toolbar
          as described above and email me at "keithathaide at yahoo dot com" giving
          the following details: version of the toolbar (as mentioned at the
          top of this readme), browser name and version (Obtain this from Help-&gt;About.
          For example, Mozilla 1.6), skin/theme being used, any extensions/browser
          modifications installed, operating system name and version.</li>

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