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<h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Features</a></h5>

  <li><b>New! </b> Frameless browsing as well as the ability to have both the top frame and sidebar, only the top frame or
                    only the sidebar.</li>
  <li><b>New! </b> Localisation support (See <a href="localization.html">Localization</a>).</li>
  <li><b>New! </b> Added a button along with a shortcut (Alt+F5) to refresh the main frame.</li>
  <li><b>New! </b> The actions assigned to mouse buttons can be customized.</li>
  <li>The custom forum and forum jump menus can be populated with custom menus and menu items.</li>
  <li>3DBuzz URLs are automatically parsed to change the server to the default or detected one.</li>
  <li>The "IRC" button can open the java client, access an IRC address or open an IRC client.</li>
  <li>The default server (used when the server cannot be automatically detected) can be changed.</li>
  <li>Easier entering of URLs with the "Get URL" buttons which can take URLs from any open tab. If on the 3DBuzz 
		   site, the URL is taken from the "main" frame.</li>
  <li>Access to the Java IRC applet, the custom forums, forum
      jump - neatly organised into menus, the online classes and the search page.</li>
  <li>The default action of a button changes to the most recent choice enabling
      quick selection of the same choice again.</li>
  <li>Complements the tabbed browsing feature of Mozilla/Firefox
      by opening new tabs in the foreground or background on pressing the
      Shift and/or Ctrl keys.</li>
  <li>List of most recent searches typed in the search box.
      This number of recent searches is customizable. </li>
  <li>Per-profile settings. </li>
  <li>Number of custom forums displayed can be customized.</li>
  <li>Buttons can be easily added or removed.</li>
  <li>Capability to remain visible even when Mozilla/Firefox
      is switched into fullscreen view.</li>
  <li>Middle-clicking on buttons carries out the default action. </li>

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